Dance Classes

The dance program offers everything from Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap and Jazz to parent/child classes or Musical Theater. The Academy offers Classical Ballet students the opportunity to pursue performing opportunities, auditioning for parts in New Castle Dance Academy’s, Ballet Elite of Delaware’s ”Nutcracker”. The Star Sapphire Performance Team is another outlet to perform at local venues and parades.  If you are looking for more action and excitement, join the Diamond Cut Dancers!  This is NCDMA’s, award-winning, traveling, dance team.  Their hard-work, obvious love of dance, professionalism and fun, yet positive, atmosphere, leaves parents proud and audience members mesmerized!

NCDMA understands the pressures of homework, sports and family time. Parents can be overwhelmed trying to fit in all the activities.The Academy has two dance studios and two music studios.  This allows more students to be accommodated with their first choice of class times.   There is, also, a spacious, comfortable waiting room for parent’s convenience.

What Is The Size Of The Class?

If the dance class has fewer students in it each child will receive more personalized attention, learn more and have more fun. With younger students it is easier for a teacher to maintain control over the class and make sure each student understands the concepts and instructions. Our smaller class sizes make sure that no fundamental concepts are being missed. A smaller class size also allows our teachers to ensure that students are not developing bad habits or improper technique.

Our studio limits all of our classes (ages 7 and under) to a maximum of just 10 students per class.

Mommy or Daddy & Me

A 30-minute class with a variety of fun filled activities, which develop listening skills, coordination, music awareness, and much more. Moms and Tots enter the “Land Of make Believe”, animals, Disney characters, personality songs and dances, tumbling and games, utilizing many interesting props to create the perfect setting for this educational introduction to dance.




Pre-Kinder-Dance & Kinder-Dance (Ages 3-6)

With careful instruction and encouraging teachers, Pre-Ballet, Tap and Gymnastics are offered to our younger students. The children enjoy the variety, and it helps develop self-confidence, coordination, musicality, body awareness, flexibility and strength while preparing them for the training ahead.




Every class begins with a warm-up to increase flexibility and strength. Combined tumbling stunts are introduced along with timing and balance skills. Also included in Jazz and Kinder-Dance classes.

Classical Ballet (Ages 6 – Adult)

(Vaganova Sylabus) Russian Technique. A very precise and systematic approach is utilized requiring grace, discipline, precision, and hard work. A structured course for more interested and dedicated students. At least 2 classes a week are recommended. Our training procedures, along with the proper techniques, are taught in French Terms (language of the art). Beginners through Advanced levels.


“On Your Toes” – An extension of Ballet for technically ready students.


A form of expression which incorporates modern, ballet, improvisation and fun.


Latin & Broadway Styles & Close To The Floor Styles “Making music with your feet.” Rhythm, tempo and timing are mastered through basic techniques and floor progressions, advancing to combinations and entertaining routines.

Jazz (Ages 5 – Adult)

From Hi-tech, Latin, Club to cool, smooth lyrical moves,Jazz is many different styles, usually performed to current upbeat music. Center floor, body isolations, stretching, across the floor, tricks, kicks, turns, leaps, and combinations are all included to improve your form and auditioning knowledge. Ballet class required to take Jazz class, except adult beginner classes, but highly encouraged. All levels.

Hip-Hop (Ages 4 – Adult)

Hip Hop is a form of Jazz or Street Funk. This is for the dancer who just wants to have fun. No Ballet class is required. Hip-hop dance refers to social dance styles danced to edited pop/hip-hop music. This includes a wide range of styles, such as, breaking, locking, and popping. Each instructor has a style of their own which can vary between classic or new age, A uniform requirement is necessary to distinguish dance style. All Dance Attire must be purchased at NCDMA.


Musical Theater

Broadway and Hollywood, Look out! Here comes a “Triple Threat”! With a primary focus on dance, this class incorporates singing and acting, simultaneously, training for auditions.