NCDMA Teacher, Finalist on GMA Contest

New Castle Dance and Music Academy’s Dancer and Instructor Alexandra Prushinski

Sends a valuable message in GMA’s Contest entry video to Taylor Swifts, Shake it off song.

The New Castle Dance and Music Academy located in Newark, DE has an instructor, Alexandra Prushinski who entered Good Morning America’s contest requiring a video to show creativity and interpretation of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off.” After viewing many videos, the Producers at Good Morning America called Alexandra on Tuesday letting her know she was a finalist. On Thursday, October 23, 2014 ABC’s, “GMA” showed a clip of Alexandra’s audition video. Be sure to tune in on Monday, October 27, 2014 as Taylor Swift announces the winners. Good luck to Alexandra Prushinski, Brianna Bergeron, Melanie Drummond, and Abigail Huffman!

Alexandra Prushinski, Brianna Bergeron, Melanie Drummond and Abigail Huffman, began their dance training with NCDMA at the ages of 3. NCDMA doesn’t just produce dancers, they produce “STARS.” These girls have been on the Competitive Dance Team for the past 6 -10 years. Alexandra Prushinski competed for 10 years and now is an Instructor for NCDMA assisting Team Director, Heather Foster with the award winning Competitive Team. At NCDMA, they teach discipline, creativity and self-confidence for students to excel in many areas of dance. In addition to teaching core values, NCDMA is known for having the best instruction in the area.