Valerie Gooding

Valerie Gooding hails from the Torresdale area of Philadelphia where she began her dance training with an instructor from the Pennsylvania Ballet. She has performed in numerous productions and competitions traveling throughout the country and abroad. She continued her education at many world renowned schools in all styles of dance to include Gus Giordano, Fosse, Al Gilbert, Vaganova Syllabus under Henry Danton From the Sadler Wells Ballet and from the Pennsylvania Academy of Dance in Media and Swarthmore, Pa.

Valerie earned her Master’s Degree in Musical Theater Arts and Ballet Arts from the Dance Educator’s of America at Western Kentucky University and University of Las Vegas. Valerie has performed extensively along the East Coast, conducts lecture demonstrations in elementary schools and adjudicates dance competitions for New Jersey Arts Alliance High School events due to her skillful eye and professional demeanor.

Valerie’s experience of working with Professionals while staging and choreographing shows has been the driving force behind her “attention to detail.” Valerie’s trademark is a myriad of local productions, Broadway reproductions, the “Nutcracker” and the extraordinary Annual Performances which receive rave reviews.

The Director selects teachers with the student’s best interest in mind, Quality instruction and technique are the #1 priority at the Academy. Valerie Gooding has been exposed to numerous excellent instructors, which allows her the opportunity to select the best teacher suited for each individual. Valerie’s well-rounded background has afforded her to carry the torch to all students to also become well-rounded which is a valuable asset in the performing Arts Circuit.

Other famous instructors that have influenced Valerie are: Henry Danton, Sadler Wells Ballet, London, to whom she is greatly indebted; Loise Goichet, Tatjaina Akinfieva Smith, Mark Levy, (Company Member, Montchanin Dance Theatre) Camille Izard, Bobby Ziegler, James Jamison, Rita Katz Farrell, Karen Herbert, Gus Giordano, Nan Giordano, Jeffrey Mildenstein, Beverly Veenker, Charles Kelly, Frank Hatchett, Luigi, Jose Rodriquez, Al Gilbert, Skip Randall, Bob Zielger, John White, Robert Christopher, Rosanne Mylanski, Susi Miller, Linda DeFino. and Ron Kellum (Fosse) A few studio’s attended by Valerie on the East Coast were Pennsylvania Ballet, Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet, Broadway Dance Center, Philadelphia College of Performing Arts Koresch Dance Center and Broadway Dance Center.